A Disability Management Company
Responsive Occupational Rehabilitation, Inc. mission is to provide Comprehensive knowledge and information to people who wish to be as Independent as possible.

This mission has lead us to develop a unique set of skills that allow us to evaluate an individual's ability to work, earn, learn and contribute.  It has also allowed us to Develop an in-depth knowledge of the Social Security Disability and Supplemental Income Laws and Rules and help those with legitimate impairments that are barriers to their ability to work to obtain those benefits. 

When an individual is catastrophically injured, we help them with their medical providers and determine what costs they can expect across their lifetime.  Loss of Earning capacity is also a critical issue that must be addressed (see Personal Injury section).

Career counseling is always an on-going process in our efforts to assist in rehabilitating all our clients (see Divorce).

We are proud of our reputation as it is the only thing that will remain as time moves forward.
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" Helping people be Independent"
CHUCK NIEVES, M.A., C.R.C., C.V.E., C.C.M., C.L.C.P., V.E.
Vocational Rehabilitation Expert & Life Care Planner
Social Security Disability Representative
2709 Swamp Cabbage Court, Suite 201, Fort Myers, FL 33901 
Phone: (239) 275-6598     FAX: (239) 278-5168
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on Feb. 22, 2015
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