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CHUCK NIEVES, M.A., C.R.C., C.V.E., C.C.M., C.L.C.P., V.E.
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Social Security Disability Representative
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Divorce is the most stressful time in any families’ lives.  The children are both parents primary concern.  There are other issues that must be considered.

What are our assets and liabilities?  One major asset often overlooked is the ability to work and earn an income towards independence.

Through a comprehensive vocational evaluation we can assist the parents and court to determine;
1.  What work he or she is capable of doing with their current education and work experiences.

2.  Is there a need to up-grade one’s skills in order to make the more marketable and employable?

3.  Is the parent a candidate for further educational pursuits, vocational or academic and are they capable of being successful?  How long would it take and what are the financial barriers and advantages?

If a comprehensive vocational evaluation is requested a systematic analysis is conducted to determine the individuals work history, education, hobbies, interest, achievement levels, aptitudes, and any physical, emotional, or environmental restrictions they may process.

A transferrable skills analysis is conducted followed by a labor market survey to determine if the jobs indentified exist, in what numbers and what do they pay.  We then have enough information to determine if the individual can immediately enter the workforce or if training is warranted.  

We look forward to discussing your particular needs with you and your attorney if you   are represented.   

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