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CHUCK NIEVES, M.A., C.R.C., C.V.E., C.C.M., C.L.C.P., V.E.
Vocational Rehabilitation Expert & Life Care Planner
Social Security Disability Representative
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There are several ways an individual can sustain a Loss of Earning Capacity.  It can be an industrial accident, medical malpractice, personal injury or illness.

Several factors must be considered;

1.  Previous earning record.

2.  The extent of the individual's impairment.

3.  Intellectual capacity of the individual to learn new skills with his/her limitations.

4.  The age of the individual.

5.  The earning potential of the individual prior to the disabling event.

When computing the loss of earning capacity the evaluator must use a carefully-applied, systematic, and objective methodology.

The greatest economic asset that most people possess is their earning capacity.

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