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CHUCK NIEVES, M.A., C.R.C., C.V.E., C.C.M., C.L.C.P., V.E.
Vocational Rehabilitation Expert & Life Care Planner
Social Security Disability Representative
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Phone: (239) 275-6598
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1.   Vocational Opinion:  A review of medical, educational, and work history information to identify the client’s transferable skills and restrictions.  Referring to reference material to develop an opinion whether the client meets the definition of “totally disabled” from the world of work according to the Social Security Administration and/or the Worker’s Compensation statute. 

2.  Vocational Assessment:   A client 

interview and a review of medical, educational and work history information to determine the client’s earning capacity and/or wage loss. 

3.  Vocational Evaluation:  A comprehensive interview and testing of the client in the areas of intelligence, aptitudes, achievement levels, interests and personality traits.  A review and collection of medical records to determine the client’s restrictions.  A transferable skills analysis and labor market survey is preformed to determine the availability of appropriate jobs.  A projection of earning capacity and/or wage loss.     

4.  Life Care Plan:  A review of the medical records, client and family interview, site visit, when required or requested, and correspondence to medical providers to develop a comprehensive list of medical, vocational, recreational and support service needs and their related costs across the client’s lifetime.   

5.  Case Management Services:  The client is guided through the medical treatment and rehabilitation phase of their injury and recovery.  Physician and service provider referrals are made and medical information compiled. When appropriate, coordination with an employer is provided.

6.  Career Counseling:  The client is in need of a career direction and has a limited work history.  This process is unique and tailored to each individual.

7.  Labor Market Survey:  Direct contact with the working community to determine availability of a specific job goal and the corresponding pay scale. 

8.  Social Security Representation:  Refer a client, who is in need of representation to secure their Supplemental Security Income (S.S.I.) or Social Security Disability, (S.S.D.I.) Benefits.  I have a 90% success rate and I am paid by the client directly for my services.

9.  Placement Service:  The client is provided with job searching strategies.  Direct employer contacts are made on the client’s behalf.  Job re-engineering may be required.

10. Expert Testimony:  Depositions and/or courtroom appearances. Travel time is charged portal to portal.

Chuck Nieves, M.A., C.R.C., C.C.M., C.V.E., C.L.C.P., V.E. of Responsive Occupational Rehabilitation, Inc. has over 25 years experience in the field of rehabilitation.  Has testified in more than 500 cases in the areas of personal injury, worker’s compensation, divorce, medical malpractice, social security, and job modification.  He has worked with thousands of injured  an/or displaced individuals, interfacing with  mediators, judges, attorneys, physicians, medical providers, insurance adjusters, employers, State and Federal agencies.
Masters Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling
Certified as a Rehabilitation Counselor
Certified as a Case Manager
Certified as a Vocational Evaluator
Certified as a Life Care Planner
Vocational Expert with the Social Security Administration
Member of the National Association of Social Security Claimant Representatives
Member of the Lee County Association of Family Law Professionals
Member of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals in the Private Sector Member of the Association of Work Adjustment and Vocational Evaluators
Member of the Association of Rehabilitation

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  Phone: (239) 275-6598
E-mail address:
Helping people be Independent"